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Each type of bookmaker has its own benefits and drawbacks. There are some companies that offer a wide range of betting options and a number of markets, while others focus on offering a more limited amount of bets.

In general, the three types are:

Offshore Bookmakers

These companies offer bets for sporting events around the world and offer lucrative bonuses for new customers. However, many offshore bookies only accept players from specific countries or regions in which they’re based.

Land-based Bookmakers

These companies typically offer a wider variety of sports events than offshore bookmakers but don’t offer betting options from around the world.

They also tend to have lower payouts than offshore bookmakers but higher odds than land-based online sportsbooks.

Online Sportsbooks

These companies typically provide bets on a wide range of sporting events around the world and have relatively high payouts compared to other types of bookies. They also typically have fewer limits on bets, along with higher odds than land-based or offshore books. These types of sites allow players to bet on any sport or event as long as it’s not illegal (e.g., gambling).