Know the Game – Rule 5 Draft


The Rule 5 draft is a player draft that takes place annually in the month of December during the winter meeting that executives of each team do, with the objective of rotating good young players who are playing in the minor leagues and pass to play in a major league.


Some people confuse this type of draft with the amateur draft or also known as the Rule 4 Draft, something totally different because they choose future good players from high school or college teams.


The process begins when evaluating the development of young players throughout the year, starting with teams with lower records to the highest. Knowing which players will be chosen to play in the major leagues, their name will immediately be on the top team.


If the player has already been chosen through this draft, he will be in the major league squad. That means during the season, he cannot be dropped to the minor league again. At the end of the season, they can return to the other league.

It will also happen in the possibility that Rule 5 do it with an exclusive player of a team and another team of the MLB.


The players who are in this type of draft, they can be exchanged with any other MLB team. But all of this must be based on the regulations that the team has on this Rule 5.


Players who can enter under this modality must need to comply with some requirements. The first is they cannot play in a major league team and, also, they must be over 18 years old.

Big Players

Some important players who started being draftees have become key pieces in each team that has helped, making a difference. Even some have won great honors in MLB, as it has been showed in the website.

Roberto Clemente and Hack Wilson are two legendary baseball players who are even included in the Hall of Fame. Johan Santana, Bobby Bonilla, Everth Cabrera, Darren O’Day, Josh Hamilton, and Willie Hernandez are some names of players who also started being draftees and ended up being stars.


Each draftee has a value of $100,000, but if the player didn’t remain within the list of players in the major leagues, then it must be returned with a value of $50,000.

It’s a very effective baseball method, and even you can see great players who have ended up succeeding thanks to it, because it gives the opportunity to young players who are very good, to play in the most important baseball league in the world.

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