The Top –4 Cleveland Indians Prospects to Watch Out for in 2018


Everybody is closely paying attention to the prospects of baseball in 2018. In the baseball world, there are more and more players that are worth watching, and the Cleveland Indians prospects have many players like this. Indians Prospect Insider brings 4 of the best and most qualified prospects you should definitely keep on your mind:

Triston McKenzie

The first and most popular prospect is Triston McKenzie, being one of the best as a senior at Royal Palm Beach, and the twenty-one-year-old player has an overall scouting grade of 55. The Indians gave him the highest ($2,302,500) that a high school pitcher has ever gotten. He’s also considered one of the 100 top prospects, is in the list in the #36 spot.

Nolan Jones

The second Cleveland Indians prospect is Nolan Jones, who is a part of the Lynchburg Hillcats team, was moved to third base as soon as he entered the pro ranks. The twenty-year-old player has an outstanding speed. He surely knows how to get on the base and he showed that when he made his pro debut the Rookie-level Arizona League.

Ethan Hankins

The third player is that you certainly need to keep your eyes on is, Ethan Hankins, from the AZL Indians 2 team. With scouting grades, of fastball:80, curveball:50, Changeup: 55, Control, 55, and overall: 50, unlike Mckenzie and Jones, who both have an overall of 55. Hanking has the best fastball of 2018, reaching around 90mph.

Noah Naylor

He makes it to the list, in spot #4. He belongs to the AZL Indians 2 team. The left-handed hitter was signed by the Indians for over $2,578,138. And even though he is the younger brother of the well-known prospect Josh Naylor, he manages to make a name for himself with his amazing ability to catch. He was signed by the Indians for $2,578,138. What Naylor needs to work on is to better his overall receiving skills, to prove that he is able to be an outstanding pitcher.

All of these players managed to be on the list, for their motivation, persistence, and determination to be the best players. They all have the same characteristics of determination, they exercise on a daily basis, more than you can even imagine, making sure that they are ready and well-prepared to play and be the best they can be.

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