3 Baseball Books Which are Better than Prospect Books


If you consider yourself a fan of books and at the same time you are a fan of sports, then we have the perfect thing for you: Baseball Books. These types of books apart of being way better than prospect book, they give you the necessary knowledge of sports with a sentimental sense, these books inform you and at the same time make you feel the emotions of the story that you are reading. Keep reading to know the best Baseball booksour site could gather:

Five Seasons: The Perfect Companion, By Roger Angell

Five Seasons - 3 Baseball Books Which are Better than Prospect Books

We start off the list with a book from the best baseball writer, Roger Angell. He presents the book Five Seasons: The perfect companion, in this book, the writer declares that from 1972 to 1976 were the best half-decade in the history of baseball by giving his point of view and his thoughts on what it seemed the most exceptional and exciting era for baseball.

This book tries to give out both opinions and stories for the reader, and the writer tries to put his personal overview and his analysis on what he thinks baseball had come to, and what to explain on a bigger picture what this era is all about.

Baseball: The Game’s Greatest Writer on the Game’s Greatest Years, by Red Smith

red smith - 3 Baseball Books Which are Better than Prospect Books

In the second place as a must-read book, we find Red Smith with a book that was published in the 2000’s. Red Smith gives a more humorous insight into the New York columns.

The Glory of Their Times, by Lawrence Ritter

The Glory of Their Times - 3 Baseball Books Which are Better than Prospect Books

This book gives out the story of twenty-six ballplayers, which looks back on what their careers had come to, and how they managed to get where they were. This story became a big part of baseball due to the influence that it had on the history of baseball.

These three books are a huge part of baseball, and if you want to know everything about the said sport, you have to start from the best years of it.

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